Saturday, September 28, 2013


Little Billy

It's like Easter egg hunting, everyday.

Today while we were moving some old pallets getting ready for the goats, Randy found a banty nest under a pallet with (6) eggs ;-) I have been so worried about them since we have not collected any of their eggs. We relocated the eggs to a nest box in hopes of one of the hens sitting on them. I want some babies ;-)

Our Chicken Farm is evolving

 So today we bought a nanny goat and a little baby billy goat, we could not be happier. Our farm is coming along.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where have I been

Life has been crazy these last few days, fighting to save chickens, work and in general LIFE. So, we have lost chickens, about 1 every other day. Me, Kaylee and Karen went to the chicken sale but birds were selling so high, many more people than birds. I knew I should have bought some because when we got one, yep, we had a bird missing. Today Randy and myself went and bought enough fencing to finish what we started to protect our birds. You know, we love our birds, it's just a great life to have, it's not just about the eggs, these birds are a part of our farm

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Full moon rising

Fox deterrent?!?

So apparently if you pee in a jug and sprinkle it around your property, it will help deter a fox!  They smell the human scent and won't come around?!?  SO, yea, we are trying this. At this point we are desperate and DO NOT want to kill the fox ( only as a last resort ). Our neighbors are going to set a live trap, we just know something has to be done.

Some of our beautiful birds

Butterflies on the Hibiscous

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another casualty, again!!!!!!

Lost another chicken today to the fox, again! So, I suppose in the morning when we let them out, we will sit down there with the gun and wait. Pisses me off, the fox is getting to our birds and we have been unable to stop him, we have tried to really fox proof the area in a humane way, but, we have no choice but to try and save our birds with other force at this point.

Birds birds birds everywhere

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A little humor

Pen modification

 Ok, so we have made a new exit for the birds for the days that we cannot let them out due to having to leave early for work ( before dawn ). This way, we can unlatch the trap door and they exit into a fenced in area safe from predators until we can return home to let them free range the land. We still have some work to do with the fencing to make it completely safe. I just do not like leaving them in the CH all day. This will be really helpful this winter.

Pics of most of our birds

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We are awaiting our new arrival to the farm

This is Razmataz, we are hoping to have him soon, he is a mini, soon to be here at our farm for Kaylee.
 Goldie at my feet and below Gem and Diamond, two of our banty's

The first bull snake Randy caught

This is the first bull snake Randy caught eating our banty eggs, we still have one down there that we have not caught yet but we will....... BTW this is the snake that almost killed me ( my version) it definitely just about scared the life out of me!

New and improved

Our new front on the CH seems to be working well, we got stuck down there during a little rain shower and it kept the birds good and dry (us too). We also rearranged a nest box for the banty's, they also roost on it , and take refuge under it away from the big girls lol All is well on the farm today! We are still looking for signs of the fox getting our laying hen, seems to just be a mystery. I will add some pics of all of our birds tomorrow.

Beautiful bloom from our Hibiscous