Sunday, October 27, 2013

My little Pony

Well, today RazMaTaz joined our farm, what a tiny little cutie he is lol, of course he is bigger than the other animals so he already thinks he is the shit. He is very scared right now but I'm hoping he will warm up quickly to us. Kaylee is going to just love him ;-) We got him for her so I'm hoping they will bond, she is ver good with animals so I have no doubt.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ohhhh, We had not thought about that......

So, We really put NO thought in to our Momma goat going in heat but, she is, We can tell by how Little Billy is acting, he and Little Momma are of no relation and when we got them we assumed she would take care of him like her own kid but obviously he is older than we thought and WAY more interested. Goats go into heat every 21 days, goats carry their babies for 5 months (150 ) days. Life s fun and VERY interesting here on the farm.

Comments and feed back

This is a learning experience for us, I try to share our experiences, with pics and post quite often. I'd luv to hear some comments and feedback from you. Many days I feel like I am alone just saying all of this to the air lol. If you have experiences you want to share, any questions or comments, I welcome that. I know many people look at and follow this blog because we have had  over 1700 views, I know all of you have some thought, lets hear it. What would you like to see more of and hear more about?


So, even though eggs are coming less and less, we still have eggs and continue to get a couple per day or more. If any of our viewers are interested in farm fresh eggs ( free range chickens ) let me know, we will sell a dozen eggs for $3. Yes the eggs are fertilized, so you know if anyone wanted to get with me about purchasing some eggs to incubate, we may be able to arrange that as well. Right now our guineas are not laying but when they do, it's a massive amount, our duck has not started laying yet but hopefully soon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ducks roosting? Who would have thought!

 So this is our male duck, he and our female duck have decided to roost up high with the other birds lol

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gimpy Sue

So, Gimpy Sue is our little crippled Guinea ( bad legs ), we are not quite sure whether its a male or female, so anyhow, he/she has always been in our chicken house unable to get outside. Gimpy Sue is 1/2 the size of the other Guineas because of the disability and during feeding time would get trampled a bit and had to fight hard for food but he/she is very determined and a fighter and despite the disability can get around quite well. With all this in mind we decided to put Gimpy Sue over in the Goat pen with the Big Buffs and four Banty's, because its calmer over there and Gimpy Sue can actually get outside of the pen as well as he/she has hay to sleep on at night. It's quite cute and very heart warming to see Gimpy Sue doing so well, outside pecking around getting to be the Guinea he/she was meant to be, and I'm certain that now our little disabled Guinea will grow and prosper over there and will soon be flying as today Randy text me and said ' Gimpy is actually getting in the air a bit when he/she flaps wings' lol. Randy is so very good with animals, I thought when Gimpy was very young that we should put him/her out of misery but Randy said No, we are going to let Gimpy live out his life the best that he/she can do. ;-) I am SO glad we have let Gimpy grow and become a part of this farm. Gimpy may look disabled but TRUST Gimpy does just fine.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Not a lot

Well not a lot has been happening, we've just been working and maintaing the farm, birds, dogs and goats, enjoying everything that we've built. Everyday maintanence is really a lot around here but it brings much joy and peace to our hearts after working our jobs ;-) This has been such a learning experience ( daily ). For the past couple of days I've noticed the egg laying has really slowed which has me wondering what is going on? We separated some of the birds for one and of course the weather is changing so I'm really not sure what or which reason to blame it on. We should have our Mini horse by the end of the month. We have been looking to buy a mini donkey, we have heard they keep predators away, idk, for us though, we can't just get any animal, we like to really pick them out, check out the personality and hope to have a connection with them, ALL of the animals we get are coming into a family.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Little feed Burglar

 So, Randy built this barrier to keep Little billy out of the Chicken feed, and yep, he done figured it out lol. It's cute though, if Little Billy gets any fatter he will not be able to fit through but for now, he is definitely gonna be eating the chicken feed lol

Pics of Farah, Charlie and Goldie

Big Buff's

 These huge Buff's are our newest addition to the farm, they are 3 times larger than our Buff, Goldie. A lot of prep was put into adding them to the farm, A LOT. But they are so worth it. Randy, pictured below with his pride and joy. Kaylee pictured below, playing with Little Billy ;-)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Me and Little Billy

So, today I caught Little Billy and got to hold him :-) he is so cute. Lol the funny part is when I let him down we were standing there talking ( Randy, Kaylee and myself) when Little billy charges me and head butts my leg almost like he was saying 'how do you like me now, I'm not cute, I'm fierce' ;-) We all got a good laugh. We also went to the Purcell livestock sale, almost bought a mini donkey,but, decided to wait until we got the rest of our fencing finished. We are headed to the Newcastle sale in just a little while, maybe we will find some good laying hens or some different birds that we don't own yet.

Making some repairs to the CH

 Randy (on the CH) and myself making some repairs to the CH. we had to put a support pole inside to help hold up the roof. ( We call it the birds stripper pole).